It is a glorious time in every industry today with the constant changes in technological innovations giving the need of the hour for many companies to rethink and reallocate their resources towards technological implementations. We have said it before and constantly maintain that digitalization in the freight industry is inevitable. 

It can already be seen that the whole business world is being transformed and is moving towards a completely technology driven environment and the logistics industry is no exception. 

One of the many reasons for this kind of digital transformation is because of the sheer advantages it brings to the many industries that adopt this transformation. We thought it necessary to evaluate these benefits for the logistics industry as well.

When you look at the many previous years of how logistics business was conducted and the way it is now it won’t take much of a time to understand how much digitization has transformed logistics business. There are now fully automated port terminals, freight stations, autonomous ships and even drones that are being used for many cargo deliveries. That’s not all, today we have fully automated and well equipped ERP logistics software like Shipsoft Solutions who take advantage of the newest technology and have built a fully cloud-based solution that best fits the freight forwarding industry.

Every party that is involved in the shipping and logistics industry are now moving towards implementing digital technology as it has become really important that all of the industry players keep up with the technological advancements and be a part of this digital era. Hence it is for everyone to take the necessary steps to get ahead of the market by adopting the best and newest technology thereby making it a vital part of their business.

Let us take a look at some of the major advantages digitization in the freight industry can provide us :

Increase customer loyalty :
What can be more important than getting customers for your business and being able to retain them for a long time? This is not an easy task of gaining customer loyalty and be sure that it can be a very big factor in the growth of your business. Interaction with your customers is very vital and today digitalization provides you with the best digital platforms and channels to get to know your customers more. With the advent and growth of social media, it becomes much easier for customers and businesses to talk to each other and communicate in a much more effective manner.

Multiple sales channels available :
Technological advancements and adopting the same in the logistics industry has like all other businesses opened up multiple platforms and sales channels. Hence it goes without saying that freight forwarding companies need to take advantage of this opportunity and open up more sales channels to be able to keep up with this growing trend. For example, the rise of inbound marketing is one such channel which can be used in order to get customers to visit your website and gain leads to garner business.

Lesser possibility of errors :
Logistics is one such industry where the smallest margin of error can cause a huge loss to the company or freight forwarder. Hence it can be rightly inferred that automation helps in reducing the margin of error as its quite evident through many technological implementations that machines or systems are far better in avoiding mistakes than human beings. More so with the introduction of the Big Data and analytics, automated systems can handle real-time data and present and more accurate predictive analysis of any contingencies far better than any human mind can possibly think off.

Added value to the services offered :
In this competitive and edge of cut through pricings technology is the only saving factor that can contribute to helping companies to maintain an advantage over their competitors. Digitization can help in creating added features that companies can provide to their customers, for example, apt and better online visibility of the cargo movement. This is something that a lot of customers would require to keep track of their shipments.

Market leaders amidst competition:
We are living in the most promising yet toughest times as with the increase in business opportunity and the transformation technology has brought in more and more companies are getting into the picture. Hence it has become very vital for freight forwarders as well as logistics companies to embrace new technologies to be able to maintain a good competitive and also be at the forefront. It has become necessary for the services to be found by your customers as the mobile age is here to stay. Getting your website optimized for SEO can help companies to be on the first positions in Google searches when customers search for a particular service or product.

Provide the best customer experience:
Customer is always the king and it’s the same for any business or industry. It is quite understandable that a client would always want a good experience than an average one. Many new companies are very well aware of this and right from the beginning, they are quite determinant in providing the best customer experience than their competitors. Imagine when a freight forwarder gets a lead and takes a long time to send a quotation to the prospect. Always remember that the industry is flooded with competitors and it takes just a few clicks for your prospect to find a better solution provider than yours. It is of high importance that companies should start automating their tasks so that they can speed up the process of getting connected with their customers and provide them the apt experience at the highest levels.

So as we have already understood the many benefits technology and digitization can bring to the freight industry it needs to also be noted that digitization has already swept the market scenarios and transformed it already. There are fully automated systems for sale, customer services, and many digital implementations at the freight stations, customs, and warehouse that has made the entire operational process automated and data-driven. Get your guns fired as digitization is the only way forward that can put you on a path to growth for your logistics and freight forwarding business.