Freight Forwarding Software

A freight forwarding software should be able to provide the analytics to boost sales

Business today has started understanding the key advantage of data collection and hence, has become increasingly data-driven. With the growing use of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning using data for their competitive advantage will keep growing. Hence it has become of utmost importance to implement a state of the art freight forwarding software for your logistics operations. There is so much data that is collected via multiple platforms that just by harvesting and…


Key Benefits of Logistics Automation in the Shipping Industry.

Logistics Automation has become the key requirement for successful logistic operation as it enables companies to save on labor costs, energy, and materials. That’s not all automation also improves quality and accuracy in executions of movements of procured goods in the supply chain management processes. It helps in decreasing costs and also reducing errors which will in effect improve overall customer services. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages that logistics automation…

Fleet Management

What are the advantages of Fleet Management?

Logistics is a complex industry and hence many specialized areas require concentrated focus. Diverse locations are a big challenge in the logistics sector and a well-coordinated effort is required to execute the operations successfully. Transportation is the most core part of logistics and managing a fleet of vehicles is a challenge in itself. It is proven to be impossible as the fleet of vehicles grows to do all the scheduling and management manually and hence…

Supply Chain Management Software

How does optimizing supply chain management system bring big gains to Ecommerce and Retail businesses

It is not unknown today that retail businesses are on an all-time high and one of the main reasons being the exponential growth of E-commerce. This has enabled a lot of small and medium-sized businesses as well as stores to be able to sell their products and services online. Irrespective of the industry, with more and more retailers switching their style of business from the traditional brick and mortar to selling online it has only…

Machine to Machine communication

The significance of Machine to Machine communication in Logistics & Transportation

Every industry today are in a constant race to innovate and develop new strategies to get ahead of their competitors. There has been never before such a scenario in the industry that has given equal opportunities for companies of any size to gain leverage in business and this is much facilitated by the technological advancements prevailing today. Technology has been a key enabler in transforming the way businesses are conducted and it has given an…

Digital Logistics

Six benefits of digitization in the freight industry

It is a glorious time in every industry today with the constant changes in technological innovations giving the need of the hour for many companies to rethink and reallocate their resources towards technological implementations. We have said it before and constantly maintain that digitalization in the freight industry is inevitable.  It can already be seen that the whole business world is being transformed and is moving towards a completely technology driven environment and the logistics…


Enterprise mobility and its advantages to business

Mobility has given rise to a completely new and renewed era of business. People love to shop online from their mobile phones sitting at their drawing room. With the rise of people using mobile phones to order their products online, the need for mobility service is increasing with each passing day. Lots of new implementations are taking place in the market. Different techniques and approaches are implemented to make sure that mobility service users will…


7 Reasons Why Cloud Migration Could Be Right for Your Business

Cloud migration is the process of transitioning all or part of company’s data, applications, and services from on-site premises behind the firewall to the cloud, where the information can be provided over the Internet on an on-demand basis. There are a variety of types of cloud migrations a business can perform. One common model is the transport of information and software from a neighborhood, on-premises data center to the general cloud. But a cloud migration…

logistics management software - shipsoft

8 Must Have Features For Logistics and Supply Chain management Software

The logistics industry has evolved to such an extent that a countries economy today is majorly based on its performances. Companies, therefore, are very much engaged in implementing the best tools possible that offers a range of capabilities for its success. It’s imperative to mention that for any logistics or supply chain management company who are operationally involved in the planning, procurement and distribution require a highly robust and functional management tool. Several companies are…

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