The logistics industry has evolved to such an extent that a countries economy today is majorly based on its performances. Companies, therefore, are very much engaged in implementing the best tools possible that offers a range of capabilities for its success.

It’s imperative to mention that for any logistics or supply chain management company who are operationally involved in the planning, procurement and distribution require a highly robust and functional management tool.

Several companies are focusing more on logistics management software or freight forwarding software to maximize customer value and thereby drive competitive advantages. Some of the tools provide the much-required support for goods transportation, inventory, warehousing, and a robust logistics network design that helps in linking the flow of goods, information and perfect control over finances.

Let’s say your organization may be interested in developing an in-house software solution or even the easiest being to procure one, there are certain features which are a pre-requisite for optimum results.

1. ORDER MANAGEMENT: Order and billing management is always of top priority for operation managers and the more efficient it is lesser the headache. It is always preferred to have a centralized order and billing management capabilities and the more flexible it is will guarantee that the solution is capable of meeting all unique requirements.

2. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: One of the most important aspects of logistics and supply chain management is to optimize inventory management. It helps in ensuring that your organization is equipped in storing stock of goods, raw materials, supplies and are made available whenever it is required. real-time tools can allow companies to make the right decisions thereby ensuring the proper flow of goods.

3. FORECASTING: Any industry needs to have the capability of forecasting demand so that it can plan its resources likewise. Forecasting allows companies to procure what is required thereby removing the need to buy too many raw materials or even store finished goods.

4. WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT: Stock management is an integral part of supply chain management. A good warehouse management software allows organizations to optimize its stock that will enable an increase in accuracy and overall efficiency ensuring needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

5. E-COMMERCE INTEGRATION: E-commerce is surely the way ahead and with this subset fo the logistics industry growing manifold it seems extremely important that your logistics software provides all the essential tools to integrate E-commerce into its platform.

6. REAL-TIME VISIBILITY: Technology and in particular the growth of the internet has given the ability to be able to stay connected all the time. In this logistics industry what is most important is the connectivity and the ability to keep track of the cargo movements. Hence a comprehensive end to end supply chain visibility is the most essential feature a supply chain management software should be capable of.

7. ANALYTICS: Data forms a major part of any business that empowers you to be able to analyze your performances and evaluate your processes. Analytical tools offer logistics and supply chain operations to capitalize on existing data and make the necessary adjustments to optimize operations.

8. MOBILITY: Today is the time when technology can be used at multi-levels to achieve the best operational outcomes. Mobility solutions, particularly in the supply chain business, can bring maximum advantages in enhancing the business management process. Providing real-time alerts via mobile apps to stakeholders can solve minor bottlenecks before it gets converted into major ones.

SUMMARY: These are a few major factors that can be taken into consideration while evaluating a Logistics Management software either to create one in-house or purchasing it from a third party vendor. If you have a complete supply chain management software with all these touchpoints built into it then it can be easier for your organization to run your logistics operations with ease and professional deliverances.